Biggie update cuz it’s been a while

Just some quick updates, because I feel I owe you that.

I am addicted to KOTOR2, the videogame otherwise known as Knights of the old republic 2. It’s been eons since I found a game so compelling, fun, and downright different than all the standard genres of games. It’s a whole universe and the game is really long, although it never gets boring. The voice acting is movie-quality, and the storyline is dramatic: it feels much closer to the original Star Wars than the prequel. Wow, just wow. But I’m selling my Xbox 360 because it blows and there aren’t any games I like for it. It’s seriously Microsoftish (lots of bugs, it eats my discs, backwards compatibility is horrendous, etc.). I’ll be getting an old Xbox just for KOTOR 1 & 2.

Work is great, it’s all I hoped for. It’s the change from a medium-sized corporate place that had no clue what to do with the Web, to a small and hip company that’s very knowledgeable about the Web. At my old place I was pretty much put in a corner and worked alone (after our Web team was split up that is) and I missed working with people on projects. The give and take is really rewarding, you learn a lot, and there’s a lot of energy there.

I miss the Com Net peeps for sure, but I don’t miss how management did business. It was a cluster*%$@, with all the corporate backstabbing to boot.  HTML Samurai related to me a tale of how someone is trying to micromanage the web stuff without having the first inkling of what the Web is. I feel for my homey and told him it sounds like a metaphor: It’s the beaurocrat sitting in the pentagon telling the general how to fight his war. It’s how we lost Vietnam, and it’s how major time gets wasted and people get frustrated in real life. People: let the experts do what they do best! That’s why you’re paying them, after all….


But at least i don’t have to worry about that. I do have to deal with clients, but so far (*knock on wood*) it has been a breath of fresh air. Yes, you have to keep them happy, but it’s far easier than dealing with internal power struggles. Plus this place is run properly: they give you little freedoms such as flex time, which get you invested in the company. I am happy to work overtime most days because I know the company cares about me. You’ve gotta give to get back, and companies that know that will be rewarded ten-fold. I’d do whatever it takes to help this company do well, while at my old place I wouldn’t work a minute past five.

On another note I met up with an old friend with in Buffalo a few weeks ago for my nephews wedding. It was great to see him and now I want to go back more often and re-connect with more old friends. I need to stay motivated and confident enough to do that, but lately it’s been tough — the change in season has had me down a bit, but I think I’m finally getting over that.

The wedding was cool and I’m happy for my nephew J.P. – his wife seems awesome, they have one kid and one on the way, he has a great job and a house in the best area ever (right by Ralph Wilson Stadium). She has helped him clean his act up a lot and I’m proud of them both!

Also hung out with my new sis and bro-in-law while in the Buff. They are the absolute coolest and went to the wedding with us. We hit a bar afterwards and they didn’t want to pay the cover charge (further poof that we’re blood, because I rarely will pay it either!). They kept on the bouncer, kept pestering him saying they weren’t paying the cover and that the bar should pay US to drink there. Eventually he relented and we were let in. (Major props to the Popovskis)

Oh – and they had BUBBLE HOCKEY there! I love the game and you can’t find it anywhere in Ohio that I know of. Lynn wouldn’t play, but I got a few games in against Mary Kay and Billy. Mary Kay either picked it up real quick or had played before and it took a lucky bounce in OT for me to pull off a win. Ahh what fun. Oh, and Billy cooked us up a couple of pizzas for the trip home and they were AWESOME. I miss that good old Buffalo-style pizza, and the ones from his place are realllllly good. He was trying out a new sesame-seed crust that took some getting used to but was quite tasty.

Ok that’s it for now, I’ve typed for quite a while 🙂

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