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Well I have a new job that I love doing what I like best: web design and development. I’m more on the dev side now, as we have guys that come up with the designs. (What a relief that is to not have to be left and right brained at the same time!)

I’m back on caffiene after a few months without it. I had quit due to some health issues, but apparently coffee wasn’t the cause of it (so far so good, knock on wood). And lord, what you can accomplish with just a bit of coffee. Granted, I hate the downs, but I can put up with them for the feeling of having energy for most of the day. Besides, usually when on the downswing is when I’m at home, relaxin’ or playing poker.

I miss writing and I know there’s a good outlet for it somewhere – I just don’t know what yet. I have the beginnings of an idea where I could talk about all things Web, perhaps on a blog for my new company.

Getting geared up for the elections soon … I’m Independent but will be doing something I never have before: voting down a party line. All Dems, buddy. Yeah it’s the only way to send a message that we’re fed up with the BS going on. Don’t even get me started about the beginnings of a clamp-down on online poker.

Also, heading up to WNY for the weekend. It’s my nephew J.P.’s wedding reception and it should be fun. I’ll get to survey the damage from the recent storm up there. Apparently folks were still w/o power after 2 weeks. Yeah, it was much worse than people realized: lots of broken branches downed power lines everywhere. (It sounds like the ice [*%##!]-storm we had in ohio 04/05.)

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