phpBB Anti-Spambots

As many people know, phpBB forums are great, but also ripe for spammers. And while there are tons of suggestions and modifications over at the forums — nothing actually stops the spambots from registering. You have to install a bunch of different mods, and even then it only does a half-assed job of slowing the spam down. Lots of the mods also depend on moderators activating or deleting the spam accounts.

Not only that, but many of them are complicated and take a while to install, and if you upgrade to newer versions of phpBB, you can break those mods and will have to re-install them.

Well thank goodness there’s finally a reliable, simple solution.

About The Code

This script is simple to install, even for beginners: it will probably take just a minute or two and you only have to modify 1 file! Again, unlike other soutions – this one just works and you don’t need ANY other mods to go along with it. What it does is stops spambots from automatically registering to a phpBB forum.


It’s just a few lines of code, but I spent a LOT of time getting it to work right, so I’m asking for $5 via Payal. While I love open-source, I also feel people should be compensated for their time and effort (so long as they don’t get greedy). I feel this is fair for the work I’ve done on it. Of course, if you feel like it’s worth more to you, a larger donation is always welcome.


Installation takes a minute and you only have to modify 1 file. Full details are in the install.txt file


I run two forums and after installing this mod, I have had ZERO spambots registering. Yes, you will still get a few manual spammers here and there, but most won’t take the time to sit there and domanual registrations. Check out the memberlists at and for proof. (They’re not linked to, you’ll have to add /memberlist.php after the URL.)


If, for some reason, this code doesn’t stop bots for you I will refund your donation within the first 30 days. I can’t guarantee it will work forever because the spammers always have ways of catching up — but this is the first solution that actually STOPS spambots in their tracks at the present.

(Which is another reasons I think it’s worth the $5 bucks!!!)